About 101

Here at 101 Webdesign we follow one simple rule of HTML.

"Keep it simple and full of information."

In the early days of websites, the only thing on display would be text. This isn't such a bad thing but it is a little bland and can be hard on the viewer.
Nowadays there are fantastic things that can be done with websites, including live streaming video and music, amazing graphics, easy to navigate graphic user interfaces (GUI) and of course pictures.

With all these amazing, fantastic features comes a price though and that is called bandwidth. Not everyone has broadband, as available as it is in this day and age, it is still not available to all customers in all area's.

101wbdesign This means dial up is the method to use and with dial up being notoriously slow it makes page loading of graphic hungry pages a very slow and boring process if there is too much going on.

Don't get us wrong we are not saying all sites should be just plain text, that would be very dull indeed. But to maintain people's interest it is best to keep the content fresh and available, no-one likes waiting for the progress bar to reach 100%.

So the general rule of thumb here at 101 Webdesign is to follow the premise of "Keep it simple". Text and pictures work great and can have stunning effects when used correctly. We know individuality is important to you so each client is treat that way. Thus pricing is based on your unique needs. All that said, you are here because you have put some thought into having a website for your requirements. You will undoubtedly have ideas, things you will want the website to do and how the general look should be. This is a great starting place.

You may only require email for your business to free up your personal or private home email. 101 Webdesign can assist in this need and set up your email client to collect the mails for you. Or if your on the go webmail provides excellent functionality.