Minimum term conditions 2 years service. Email not included

The services provided by us include

How you would like the site to look is entirely up to you. Some will require a large website with regular updates whilst others may just require one or two pages to act as an advert for their company or product. A simple website would look like an advert in a glossy magazine that your customers would come and look at from say a business card advert or word of mouth to find out accurate and up to date information, prices and further information that just won't fit on a business card. There are no limits on how many pages you would require.

Minimum term conditions 2 years service on email only accounts.

If available the website will be http://www.youraddress.co.uk.
This will then generate email addresses such as you@youraddress.co.uk.
The size of your business will determine how many email addresses you will require

The email can then be either checked online, anywhere in the world, or you can choose to have the mails sent to your home or office. Either way you are not tied to one computer in a single location.

How the process works

! Not hard fast rules just a guide to go by !